Burnout / burnout prevention


"Healthy employees => healthy company"


Based on many years of professional experience as a manager in the private sector, I have personally experienced the pressure of constant new demands. Due to this experience, I have empathy for burnout clients and can assist you or your company in a competent manner.


Business / company


Employees sometimes get into a life or a professional crisis that threatens their ability to come to work due to burnout. This usually leads to inefficiency or to longer periods of illness. This also means increased costs for your company. Now is the time to act!


Now, it is important to convey to the person concerned how psychological burdens can occur. It is equally important that the person affected has the chance to reflect on his/her behavior. For example: Which problems and requirements create stress? How high is the load and how much energy do those problems create?


Stress management and stress prevention are essential for maintaining your employees’ health. Together, we will work on customized concepts that offer consistent support and long-term viability.


“It is known that one step towards yourself is the first step towards a change!”


Person concerned / employee


Do you feel weak and exhausted? Do you need support for your current professional or private situation? Are you are in the middle of a life crisis?


Often, it is not the work itself that stresses you out, but rather the conditions of work that you do not have control over. Also, in your private life, you no longer function sufficiently. You try to combine home, children, relationship, job, friends, parents, and hobbies, while trying not to forget anyone or anything.


I will not give you direct instructions on what to do. When it comes down to it, you cannot exchange parents, family members, your boss, or your colleagues. Rather, I will be the advocate of your interests and the pilot in your areas of conflicts. With various proven methods and effective tools, I will be at your side for an exact analysis of the complex problem, as well as for a joint search for practical and useful solutions.