About me:


I was born on November 07, 1967. I have been married for 18 years and the mother of a son. I live in Vaals in the Netherlands, in the countryside where I like to go hiking. Reading and travelling are passions of mine.


After graduating in 1992 in Maastricht at the Maastricht School of Management, I worked for about 20 years in the private sector in the Human Resource field.

  • Worldwide acquisition in the Tourism Industry, 1992-1994
  • Managing Partner in Event Management, 1994–1996
  • Six-month expedition in the Andes of Peru to Venezuela, 1996
  • Management positions in the Human Resource Development and
  • Outsourcing industry fields at stock market listed companies, 1997 - 2011


My long, versatile management experiences, independence, life experience, as well as my current contact with many people within and outside of organizations, builds the basis for my work as a coach and psychological counselor. Since 2011, I have intensely dedicated myself to my great passion: the psyche of the people. Similarly, I am fascinated with psychology and neurobiology. I have profound psychological and scientific knowledge:

  • Akademie für Neurowissenschaftliches Bildungsmanagement AFNB
  • Neurobiology, University of Chicago
  • Certified member of the National Institute of Clinical Applications and Behavioural Medicine (NICABM) in Mansfield, CT, USA
  • Neurobiological stress reduction by Dr. Reitz
  • Medical practitioner for psychotherapy
  • EMDR
  • NLP Practitioner and Coach (DVNLP)
  • Solution focused short-term therapy by Steve de Shazer
  • Organizational constellations
  • Constellations with the system board
  • Compact Coaching for therapists
  • Managers seminars; Schouten & Nelissen
  • The Psychology of Persuasion; Robert Cialdini

Workshops / Seminars:

  • The thought directs the body: Stefan Spiess
  • Simplify Your Life: Tiki Küstenmacher
  • Customer Casting: Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber

I guarantee quality assurance with continuous supervision.

You will get to know me as a humorous person, with an abundant zest for life, pragmatism, and great appreciation for my fellow human beings.


I am fluent in German, Dutch and English.